Graduation Requirements

Students earn one unit of credit for attending a class one period per day for 40 weeks and ½ unit for attending a class one period per day for 20 weeks.  Students must earn a minimum of 22 credits.  They must pass 4 units of English, 4 units of Social Studies, 3 units of Math, 3 units of Science, 1 unit of a Language Other than English  (unless exempt on IEP), ½ unit of Health, 2 units of Physical Education, and 1 unit of Art, Drawing& Design for Production, or an equivalent.  Students may earn a local, or Regents.  Regents Examinations are given in English, Math, Science, Global Studies, and US History.


Students are ranked numerically, and all numerical grades are used in the computation of class average.  Grades are not weighted.  Grades of 64 and below are considered failing.


Letter Grade          Numerical              Point Scale
A+                              97-100                    4.0
A                                93-96                      3.7
A-                               90-92                      3.5
B+                              87-89                      3.3
B                                83-86                      3.0
B-                               80-82                      2.7
C+                              77-79                      2.5
C                                73-76                      2.0
C-                               70-72                      1.7
D+                              67-69                      1.5
D                                65-66                      1.0
F                                 Below 65                Failure
Diploma Designations

George Junior Republic graduates
Number in Class   –     12                    Regents    Local     CDOS    SACC    TASC        Failed to Graduate
                                                                      6                  3?              3                          
Students attending our school          1                   1                2
but receiving diploma from
Home School
Total Seniors for 2015-2016

NYS Diploma Requirements