The George Junior Republic Union Free School District is comprised of approximately 190 students who live on campus and 30 area students who attend our Day School Program.  The district was specifically designed to educate at-risk children.  The school may award Regents, local, or CDOS and SACC credentials or prepare students for a TASC diploma (formerly GED).  In addition to required Regents and Non-Regents courses, “The Republic” offers a work experience program consisting of 13 trades and occupations.  Our students also have the opportunity to learn career skills in Culinary Arts and Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and to develop leadership skills in our FFA Chapter.  Students attend eight 45 minute periods each day for four 10 week marking periods and one six week summer session.  The teaching staff is made up of 43 teachers, 50 teaching assistants, and the teacher/student/teaching assistant ratio is 6:1:1 in most classes.  The majority of our students receive special education services.  Academic support services are given to students in reading and math.  Our students come from approximately 53 counties throughout NYS.  We are centrally located near Tompkins Cortland Community College, SUNY Cortland, Ithaca College and Cornell University.

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